8:00pm: Concert 1 @ the Digital Auditorium
After hours: dinner & beers at the General Store, across the street from UMW. 2018 College Ave.


11:00am: Concert 2 @ the Digital Auditorium
2:00pm: Concert 3 @ Pollard 304
3:30pm: Paper 1 – SuperCollider Workshop, presented by Eli Fieldsteel.
4:30pm: Concert 4 @ the Digital Auditorium
7:30pm: Paper 2 – A Generalized Performance Environment, presented by Eli Fieldsteel.
8:00pm: Concert 5 @ Pollard 304
After hours: show at Colonial Tavern, near the train station. 406 Lafayette Blvd.


10:30am: Paper 3 – The Music of David Biedenbender, presented by Jackson Wright.
11:00am: Concert 6 @ the Digital Auditorium
2:00pm: Concert 7 @ Pollard 304
3:30pm: Paper 4 – Visualization and Subtext: Why I Create Scores for the Audience, presented by Hunter Ewen.
4:30pm: Concert 8 @ the Digital Auditorium
8:00pm: Concert 9 @ Pollard 304
After hours: show at Eyeclopes, near campus. 620 Charlotte St.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. ReplyAlphaKat

    When will Doug Gately be performing? (I'm coming from out of town and need to plan my trip.)

    • ReplyBecky Brown

      Hi AlphaKat, Doug will be performing on concerts 3, 7, and 8. That's Friday at 2pm, Saturday at 2pm, and Saturday at 4:30pm.

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