2020 Schedule

This year, all concerts can be viewed from the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts channel, or the Electroacoustic Barn Dance YouTube and Facebook Channels. Concert programs can be accessed from the menu or right here by clicking on the concert or after hours title you want to see. Facebook Live Streams can be accessed by clicking on the date and time.

Concert I

Thursday November 5, 2020 7:34pm EST

  1. Alone Together – Kirsten Volness | Lilit Hartunian, violin
  2. Improvisation No. 1 – Brittany J. Green
  3. HEAT it UP! – Yuanyuan (Kay) HE | Jackie Glazier, clarinet; Yuanyuan (Kay) HE, piano
  4. Hey, I Hope This Heals You – Taylor Neal | Taylor Neal, audio/video editing; Nick Sprague, video recording
  5. Spelunking – Caroline Louise Miller | Sam Wells, trumpets; Caroline Louise Miller, live electronics, soundscapes, video editing

Concert 2

Friday November 6, 2020 7:34pm EST

  1. Connected – Brittany J. Green | Ashleigh Gordon, viola; Anthony R. Green, piano; Castle of our Skins, videography
  2. After the Floods – Mark Phillips | Lisa Ford Moulton, choreographer; Karen Benda, clarinet; Jason Smith, tuba; Lisa Ford Moulton and Travis Gatling, dancers; Jill Bateman, Keith Newman, and Mark Phillips, video
  3. Groundwater – Flannery Cunningham | Elizabeth Wesche, mezzo-soprano; Erin Busch, cello; Ania Vu, piano; Flannery Cunningham, electronics; Rec.Today, video and audio recording
  4. Your microphone appears to be noisy! – the Higgs whatever
  5. Still Shining – Linda Antas

After Hours 1

Friday November 6, 2020 8:30pm EST

  1. Taylor Neal
  2. Plastissiteez – Elizabeth Hoffman | Elizabeth Hoffman, laptop; gamin, Piri and Saenghwang; D. Carlton Bright, video recording and edit; Sofy Yuditskaya, additional camera work; Daniel Neumann, audio recording and mixing
  3. How Things Are Made with Lu-Han Li – Lu-Han Li with How Things Are Made | Matt Aelmore; David Bernabo; Lu-Han Li; Brian Riordan
  4. Paul Leary

Concert 3

Saturday November 7, 2020 7:34pm EST

  1. Always and Forever – Nina C. Young | Yuliya Lanina, Animation
  2. The Song of Songs – Karen Tanaka | Nick Photinos, cello
  3. Disorder: Chapter One – Mark Snyder | Rebecca R. Levy, Choreography & Performance; Will Darden Direction & Editing
  4. Feel Like This – Brittany J. Green
  5. Queen Solstice – Q&K

After Hours 2

Saturday November 7, 2020 8:30pm EST

  1. SHP of THSEUS – RE/SHFT/ER | Jeff Herriott; Nick Hwang; Anthony T. Marasco; Eric Sheffield; Anna Weisling
  2. Cobalt Vase, Func Step Mode, Large Intestine – Joo Won Park
  3. Iluminatrix #1 – Anthony Anurca
  4. MultiLiminal – Veiled Borders | Thomas Ciufo; John Godfrey; Karen Power; Jane Rigler
  5. Unraveling, Savannah, The Falls – Michael James Olson