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Concert One – Terry Concert Hall

Thursday, November 8th at 7:34PM

Dave O Mahony – ImproVariation #2
Hannah Hitchen – Transchem
Joshua Tomlinson – A Short Story
Tim Reed – Rafah Crossing (Nick Photinos)
James Caldwell – Texturologie 15: Correspondence
Bryce Dessner – Lewisburg (Nick Photinos)
Nathalie Joachim – Dam Mwen Yo (Nick Photinos)
David T. Little – And the Sky Was Still There (Nick Photinos)
Florent Ghys – Petits Artéfacts (Nick Photinos)

Installations – Terry Concert Hall Lobby

November 9-10th, 9AM-9PM

Owen Hopper – fine-grain fracture
Holland Hopson – Brush Mind: Second Hand

Concert Two – Terry Concert Hall

Friday, November 9th at 11AM

Drake Dragone – Quiv
Hubert Howe – Inharmonic Fantasy No. 5
Michael Bratt – Visions

JP Lempke – this is not a drill [right arrow + picture of cucumber]
Stephen F. Lilly – Divided Attention (Chris Creswell)
Becky Brown – Ouroboros

Concert Three – Terry Concert Hall

Friday, November 9th at 2PM

J Roe – Inexplicable Everything (so it goes)
Kory Reeder – EYES: OPEN
Vahid Jahandari – The Vulture
Rodney Waschka II – A Portrait of Paul Berg
Elliott Lupp – Hinge

Panel – Gooding Auditorium

Friday, November 9th at 3:15pm

Teaching Music Technology in Diverse Interdisciplinary Classrooms

Concert Four – Terry Concert Hall

Friday, November 9th at 4:30PM

Sohyun Lim – Disjunction
Neil Flory – The Trumpeter Dreams of Music
Jason Fick – I’m The Expert
Zach Zubow – Copenhagen Wheel (Tony Steve)
Devin Barone – fail_better [fluffball]
Peter Hulen – Wobbly

Concert Five – Terry Concert Hall

Friday, November 9th at 7:34PM

Daniel Hubert Jr. – It’s Not Real
Beth Wiemann – Sallee and Rumsey at Mann Gulch (Chris Creswell)
Mark Phillips – Fake News
Andrew Hannon – Night Watch (Nick Photinos): click here for video link
Rob Hamilton – Carillon
Maxwell Tfirn – Sigh Interrupt Cycle
Adam Hill – Beautiful Dreamers (Nick Photinos)

After Hours 1 – Ronan School of Music

Friday, November 9th at 10PM

Jeff Kaiser
Holland Hopson
Headless Monkey Attack
Mike Pounds

Concert Six – Terry Concert Hall

Saturday, November 10th at 11AM

Erik Blomgren – Shatter
Bradley Mikesell – Grave Polarity
Michael Boyd – invasion/symbiosis (II) (Chris Creswell)
Bradford Blackburn – Say It!
Ben Broening – Twilight Shift
Tianyi Wang – The Letter
Jonathan Graybill – Song of the Hermit Thrush (Edith Moore-Hubert)

Concert Seven – Terry Concert Hall

Saturday, November 10th at 2PM

Annie Neikirk – locoMotives
Austin O’Rourke – Sky Dreams
Ben Fuhrman – Shoreline
Patrick Edward Reed – Moonbeam
Julius Bucsis – I Am Who Am I
Tony Steve – Stop Sleeping for Percussion Solo and Fixed-Media (Tony Steve)

Dance Work – Phillips 101, Studio North

Saturday, November 10th at 3:15PM

Niloufar Nourbakhsh / Marie Zvosec – F I X E D HbeaRt

Concert Eight – Terry Concert Hall

Saturday, November 10th at 4:30PM

Sever Tipei – HB with G&E
Sarah Palermo – Mean Time Between Failure
Christopher Cook – Gamaka
Melika M. Fitzhugh – Dance (Nick Photinos)
MiniM Ensemble – Brush

Concert Nine – Terry Concert Hall

Saturday, November 10th at 7:34PM

Taylor Neal – Autology
Caroline Flynn – Me Too
John Gibson – edgewater
Mark Zaki – Masks
Michael Pounds – Liquid Desires Reborn
Ralph Lewis – Drive to the Edge
Mark Snyder – it’s really not that funny (Nick Photinos)

After Hours 2 – Ronan School of Music

Saturday, November 10th at 10PM

Elizabeth A. Baker
Death by Sneaux Sneaux
Luke Payne
Samuel Bradshaw