Selected Works


Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer – ONEIROPHRENIA

Anthony Donofrio – Please Stop Shouting

Antonio Gimenez Freitez – ELEGY

Brittany J. Green – Sonatina

Chace Williams – ZInnia

Chi Wang – Qin

Christopher Cook – Metropolis

Christopher Lock – Moel Y Gaer, Bodfari

Colin Kohrs – home feels … different

Dan VanHassel – Epidermis

Dave O Mahony – ImproVariation #3

David Jason Snow – Crazytown

Einike Leppik – dolce_tormento

Eric Sheffield – Metropolacy

Felipe Tovar-Henao – «Arborescencia»

Flannery Cunningham – We are the same as we have always been

Hannah Hitchen – Anthro

Harry Gorski-Brown – tried calling, Mx

Ivonne Paredes – Toro

James MacDonald – I’m a Computer

Jared Knight – Acid Rain

Jason Bolte – Aridflow

Jean-Paul Perrotte and Gideon Caplovitz – Composition for EEG and Computer

Jeff Herriott – At the whim of the current

Jeffrey Hass – Three Easy Recipes

Jennifer Jolley – Sounds from the Gray Goo 2.0

JoAnne C. Maffia – Blood & Muscle

Jon Paul Mayse – Radiance

Julia Ferris – Return to Nature

Kerrith Livengood – Left-Handed Paths

Kevin Kay – enSNARE

Kirsten Volness – murmurations

Kyong Mee Choi – rare yet soft

L. Keith White – Two Squirrels and a Crow

Linda Antas – Amavasaya

Mark Phillips – Dream-Dance

Mark Vaughn – Twill Quilt

Mark Zaki – be still and wait without hope

Mary Lou Newmark – Three Rivers

Massimo Vito Avantaggiato – ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY

Matt Bryant – >_defragment

Mattia Benedetti – Se Qatre Khun [Three Drops of Blood]

Maxwell Tfirn – Disconnected Sound Pictures

Melika Michelle Fitzhugh – Kalakshetra Conjurings: Sanskriti Summonings

Michael Drews – We All Yearn for the Slower Time

Nicola Fumo Frattegiani – Polvere nera

Oliver Hickman – Tight Ratchet

Parisa Sabet – Visiting Grandpa

Peter Van Zandt Lane – Décalcomanie #2

Phillip Sink – To See in Color

Robert McClure – in excess

Ryan Olivier – On the Permanence of Water

Stephen David Beck – Video Etude: Brisbane Rainforest Walkabout

Ulf Grahn – Milkyway on my Mind

Vahid Jahandari – There Was Yet No Heaven


Kevin Michael Kay

Paul Leary

Jake Sentgeorge and Brian Riordan 

Misha Penton and Boja Kragulj

Electric Attitude


Bell Monks

michael james olson

Michael Drews

Jerod Sommerfeldt


Connor Underwood – Indeterminate Clock 

L. Keith White – Personal Cycles

Vedran Mehinovic – June Haze

Nick Hwang and Jeff Herriott – Vo-ro-loo


Maxwell Tfirn – Sonifying Reflected Light Through Machine Learning and Sound Synthesis

Allen Wu – SuperSampler, a gesture making sampler synthesizer in SuperCollider

Jared Bradley Tubbs – Unifying Sonification: Comparing and Codifying Standards of Sonification between Scientific and Artistic Communities