Tech Schedule

Thursday, November 14th

Concert 1 – Terry Concert Hall

Mary Lou Newmark “Three Rivers” 5:14 PM
Mark Vaughn “Twill Quilt” 5:34 PM
Jeff Herriott “At the whim of the current” 5:48 PM
Flannery Cunningham “We are the same as we have always been” 6:01 PM
Kerrith Livengood “Left-Handed Paths” 6:14 PM
Chace Williams “Zinnia” 6:27 PM
Dan VanHassel ”Epidermis” 6:40 PM
Taylor Neal “Appreciation” 6:53 PM
Doors 7:00PM
Showtime 7:34PM

Friday, November 15th

Concert 2 – Terry Concert Hall

Felipe Tovar-Henao “«Arborescencia»” 9:24 AM
Stephen David Beck “Video Etude: Brisbane Rainforest Walkabout” 9:37 AM
Mark Zaki “be still and wait without hope” 9:44 AM
Colin Kohrs “home feels … different” 9:57 AM
Dave O Mahony “ImproVariation #3” 10:10 AM
Brittany J. Green “Sonatina” 10:17 AM
Doors 10:30AM
Showtime 11:00AM

Concert 3 – Terry Concert Hall

Melika M. Fitzhugh “Kalakshetra Conjurings: Sanskriti Summonings” 12:24 PM
Eric Honour “Chain Link” 12:37 PM
Phillip Sink “To See in Color” 12:50 PM
Ryan Olivier “On the Permanence of Water” 12:57 PM
Massimo Vito Avantaggiato “ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY” 1:10 PM
Jean-Paul Perrotte and Gideon Caplovitz “Composition for EEG and Computer” 1:17 PM
Doors 1:30PM
Showtime 2:00PM

Paper I – Phillips Fine Arts Building 220

Shu-Cheng Allen Wu 3:00 PM

Concert 4 – Terry Concert Hall

Maxwell Tfirn “Disconnected Sound Pictures” 3:01 PM
Jason Bolte “Aridflow” 3:14 PM
Kevin Kay “enSNARE” 3:21 PM
Linda Antas “Amavasaya” 3:34 PM
Oliver Hickman “Tight Ratchet” 3:47 PM
Doors 4:00PM
Showtime 4:30PM

Concert 5 – Terry Concert Hall 7:34PM

Kirsten Volness “murmurations” 5:40 PM
Jon Paul Mayse “Radiance” 5:53 PM
Eric Sheffield “Metropolacy” 6:06 PM
Kyong Mee Choi “rare yet soft” 6:19 PM
Han Hitchen “Anthro” 6:26 PM
L. Keith White “This is My Happy Dance” 6:40 PM
Jeffrey Hass “Three Easy Recipes” 6:53 PM
Doors 7:00PM
Showtime 7:34PM

After Hours 1 – Ronan School of Music

Michael Drews 7:30 PM
Jerod Sommerfeldt 7:45 PM
Michael James Olson 8:00 PM
hz – Mark Zanter 8:15 PM

Saturday, November 16th

Concert 6 – Terry Concert Hall

Anthony Donofrio “Please Stop Shouting” 9:26 AM
Nicola Fumo Frattegiani “Polvere nera” 9:39 AM
Robert McClure “in excess” 9:46 AM
Ulf Grahn “Milkyway on my Mind” 9:53 AM
Doors 10:00AM
Showtime 10:30AM

Concert 7 – Terry Concert Hall

Peter Van Zandt Lane “Décalcomanie #2” 11:51 AM
Michael Drews “We All Yearn for the Slower Time” 12:04 PM
Chi Wang “Qin” 12:17 PM
Doors 12:30PM
Showtime 1:00PM

Paper II – Phillips Fine Arts Building 220

Maxwell Tfirn 2:45 PM

Paper III – Phillips Fine Arts Building 220

Jared Bradley Tubbs 3:45 PM

Concert 8 – Terry Concert Hall

Mark Snyder “Disorder” 6:25 PM
Ben Broening “Last Light” 6:38 PM
Mark Phillips “Dream-Dance” 6:51 PM
Jennifer Jolley “Sounds from the Gray Goo 2.0” 7:04 PM
Christopher Cook “Metropolis” 7:17 PM
Doors 7:30PM
Showtime 8:00PM

After Hours 2 – Ronan School of Music

Kevin Kay 7:30 PM
Jake Sentgeorge and Brian Riordan 7:45 PM
Paul Leary 8:00 PM
Bell Monks 8:15 PM
Electric Attitude 8:30 PM