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All tech times are subject to change.

Concert 1: Thursday, 8pm

6:00pm: Carter John Rice, Soundscape for Viola

6:13pm: Sam Wells, Minong

6:26pm: Ben Taylor/Sam Wells, Stop Rewind Play

6:39pm: Michael Olson, Before Reminiscence

6:48pm: Melody Eotvos, Shoulderpieces

6:55pm: Elise Roy, Dilation

7:02pm: Mark Phillips, Deep Blue

7:15pm: Josh C. Simmons, confessions smell…

7:30pm: doors open


Concert 2: Friday, 11am

9:15am: Aaron Anderson, Reciprocity

9:28am: Maxwell Tfirn, No Harm Shall Come to Others

9:35am: Yemin Oh, Memoriam

9:48am: Jesse Guessford, Interlude 2

9:55am: Eli Fieldsteel/Sam Wells, Fractus 1

10:08am: David Ikard, Vantus et Unda

10:30am: doors open


Concert 3: Friday, 2pm

12:30pm: Evan Williams, Origins

12:37pm: William Price, Gridlock

12:50pm: Greg Boyle, Another August Night

1:03pm: Anne Neikirk, Office Space

1:10pm: Eric Stern, Anticipations

1:17pm: C.R. Kasprzyk, adapt[ation]

1:30pm: doors open


Concert 4: Friday, 4:30pm

3:00pm: Jerod Sommerfeldt, Linear

3:07pm: Cody Kauhl, Autonomous Agents

3:14pm: Matthew Sullivan, Armadafinil

3:27pm: Jon Anderson, Luft am Morgen

3:34pm: Thais Montanari, Cala

3:41pm: Andrew Walters, Hammer and Wire

4:00pm: doors open


Concert 5: Friday, 8pm

6:13pm: Chris Biggs, Greed

6:26pm: Tim Reed, None Is Travelling

6:33pm: Thomas Dempster, glass ghosts

6:46pm: Ian Michael Clarke, Buzz Click Clean

6:53pm: Miguel Chuaqui, Arioso

7:06pm: Peter Hulen, Primitive

7:30pm: doors open


Concert 6: Saturday, 11am

9:30am: Bradford Blackburn, Trance-figuration

9:37am: Chin Ting Chan, Katachi I

9:44am: Keith Kirchoff, oNe

9:57am: David Batchelor, Choppin’ Up

10:04am: Julius Bucsis, BLUE

10:11am: Oren Boneh/Sam Wells, Eclipse

10:30am: doors open


Concert 7: Saturday, 1:30pm

12:00pm: Jim Rhinehart, After Dusk

12:13pm: Seung-Hye Kim, The Tightrope Dancer

12:20pm: David M. Fisher, Salience

12:27pm: John Nichols III, Gates

12:34pm: Kevin Zhang/Sam Wells, Tilde

12:47pm: Hong-Da Chin, Wind in Abyss

12:54pm: Ryan Olivier, The TriSiCle

1pm: doors open


Concert 8: Saturday, 4:30pm

2:55pm: Paul Thomas, Slapbox

3:18pm: Mei-Fang Lin, The Origin of Flux

3:15pm: Reiner Kramer, Irises Pink

3:28pm: Thomas Ciufo, Silent Movies

3:41pm: Valeria Jonard, Envy

4:00pm: doors open


Concert 9: Saturday, 8pm

6:15pm: Phillip Schroeder, Serenity

6:28pm: Kyong Mee Choi, Tender Spirit II

6:35pm: Keith Kothman, Thrown Glass

6:48pm: Scott Barton, Opus Palladianum

6:55pm: Jessica Rudman/Sam Wells, My Father Was a Ventriloquist

7:08pm: Linda Antas, Iridescence

7:15pm: Mark Snyder, Cancion I

7:30pm: doors open

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