Concert 1 – Thursday 7:30pm, Pollard 304

Becky Brown – I want ___ please
Anne Neikirk – Lung Ta (Adam Vidiksis)
John Thompson – Electrotactile Maps
Leah Reid – Ring, Resonate, Resound
Marissa Dipronio – Smaller Oceans (Tony Steve & Adam Vidiksis)
Thomas Dempster – Congaree Voices
Carter John Rice – Acousmagic

Concert 2 – Friday 10:30am, Pollard 304

Haerim Seok – Behind the Flute
Ken Davies – Twitter Rhapsody
Ryan Carter – On the limits of a system and the consequences of my decisions (Keith Kirchoff)
Galina Belolipetski – Enveloped
Jesse Guessford – CPL (Theresa Steward)
Peter Hulen – Diptych (Michael Morley)

Concert 3 – Friday 1:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

George Brunner – The Call
Andrew Sigler – Parenthetical
Monroe Golden – Vestiges (Tony Steve)
Tony Steve – You Are My Agenda (Tony Steve)
Samuel Wells – Light is Like Water

Concert 4 – Friday 3pm, Pollard 304

Keith Kirchoff – Irrational Rationalities (SPLICE)
Christopher Cook – The Blue Marble
James Caldwell – Texturologie 20: Plain Bob (Margaret Jones)
Chris Chandler – in shadow in shade (Keith Kirchoff)
Neil Flory – wilderness/entropy
Xian Wang – Baetylus

Concert 5 – Friday 4:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

Janis Mercer – Alphabet (Tony Steve & Adam Vidiksis)
Richard Johnson – Socavino
Stephen Hennessey – The Louse Dreams
Ronald Keith Parks – Afterimages 3 (Tony Steve)
Jacob Schlaerth – Scribbles
Julius Bucsis – Stories from an Alien Planet
Daniel Eichenbaum – if your boy leads
Tanner Upthegrove – The Galileo Project

Concert 6 – Friday 7:30pm, Pollard 304

Jason Bolte – Swish-Swoosh
Nina C. Young – Metal Works (Theresa Steward)
Mike McFerron – Six Short Studies
Linda Antas – Meru: Tracing Earth
Rodney Waschka III – A Portrait of Stephanie Spencer
Jeff Herriott – Trio
Chris Biggs – A Letter to the Moon (SPLICE)

Friday After-hours, Eyeclopes

Julius Bucsis
Dave Watkins
Paul Leary
Empathy Box (Maxwell Tfirn)
Null Set (Jon Bellonna)
Andrew Walters
PhEAD (Ryan Olivier and Andrew Litts)
University of Tennessee Electroacoustic Ensemble

Concert 7 – Saturday 10:30am, HCC Digital Auditorium

Steven Kemper – Lament (Wayla Chambo)
Nicole Carroll – Of the Moon, Under the Moon (Sam Wells)
Jeffrey Hass – Labyrinths
Mark Phillips – Action/Reaction/Expansion
Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz – Les Crapauds de La Fontaine (Andrea Cheeseman)

Concert 8 – Saturday 1:30pm, Pollard 304

David Taddie – Tracer (Keith Kirchoff)
Joshua Harris – Aubade (Wayla Chambo)
Bradford Blackburn – <WOW>
Chris Arrell – Video 65
Madelyn Byrne – Northern Flight (Theresa Steward)
Austin O’Rourke – Memory Aberration

Concert 9 – Saturday 3pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

Ben Broening – Twilight Shift (Wayla Chambo)
Andrew Hannon – Two Lost Loves (Andrea Cheeseman?)
Travis Garrison – New Directions in Automotive Maintenance
Aurie Hsu – breath across song (Wayla Chambo)
Mark Zaki – no one can hear you dream
Jay Batzner – Dunes

Concert 10 – Saturday 4:30pm, Pollard 304

Eric Honour – Murmurations on Palestrina
Jerod Sommerfeldt – Strong Back, Soft Front
Chin Ting Chan – time, forward (Theresa Steward)
Mark Zanter – Agitato
Dave Watkins – Tentacles

Concert 11 – Saturday 7:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

Michael James Olson – Along the North Shore (Tony Steve)
John Nichols III – The Pillar (Adam Vidiksis)
Mya Payne – House
Tim Reed – “…that road is narrow…” (Margaret Jones)
Jorge Variego – 60 Bandos 60
Brian Sears – Live in the moment; Live in the breath (Sam Wells)
Melika M. Fitzhugh – Virgil: Audiit
Mark Snyder – INtimate Window

Saturday After-hours, Eyeclopes

Robin Cox
Ricky Graham
Eric Sheffield and Anna Weisling
bell monks
Blood Moon
l’Artiste Ordinaire (David Morneau and Melissa Grey)
Christopher Jette

Paper Sessions, HCC Room 328

Paper I, 9:30am Friday: Deovides Reyes – The Acoustic Music of Mario Davidovsky
Paper II, 9:30am Saturday: David Morneau –  Vintage Machines Workshop
Paper III, 6:45pm Saturday: Paul Leary – Max 7 Composition and Performance App Suite

2 replies on “Schedule”

I would like to bring a group of homeschoolers with an interest in electronic music. Could you recommend a concert or two, which is family friendly and would hold young people’s attention? Thanks!

Hi Jackie,
It’s been a while since judging but I don’t remember anything that was objectionable. I would think any of the concerts would be captivating and I’ll double check for family friendliness!