Tech Schedule

Please note that tech times may change if composers on your concert make cancellations. We will try to keep you updated on changes, but the website will always have the most updated version of the tech schedule. Please forward your tech time to your performer(s).

CONCERT 1: Thursday 11/10, 7:30pm, Pollard 304

5:41pm: Becky Brown

5:54pm: Carter John Rice

6:07pm: Thomas Dempster

6:20pm: Marissa Dipronio

6:33pm: Leah Reid

6:40pm: John Thompson

6:47pm: Anne Neikirk (Adam Vidiksis)

doors 7:00

concert starts 7:30

PAPER 1: Friday 11/11, 9:30am, HCC Room 328

9:10am: Deovides Reyes

CONCERT 2: Friday 11/11, 10:30am, Pollard 304

8:48am: Peter Hulen (Michael Morley)

9:01am: Jesse Guessford (Theresa Steward)

9:14am: Galina Belolipetski

9:21am: Ryan Carter (Keith Kirchhoff)

9:34am: Ken Davies

9:47am: Haerim Seok

doors 10:00am

concert starts 10:30am

CONCERT 3: Friday 11/11, 1:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

11:54am: Sam Wells

12:07am: Tony Steve

12:20pm: Monroe Golden (Tony Steve)

12:33pm: Andrew Sigler

12:40pm: George Brunner

12:47pm: TM Duplantis

doors 1:00pm

concert starts 1:30pm

CONCERT 4: Friday 11/11, 3:00pm, Pollard 304

1:17pm: Xian Wang

1:30pm: Neil Flory

1:37pm: Chris Chandler (Keith Kirchoff)

1:50pm: James Caldwell (Margaret Jones)

2:03pm: Chris Cook

2:10pm: Keith Kirchoff (SPLICE)

doors 2:30pm

concert starts 3pm

CONCERT 5: Friday 11/11, 4:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

2:47pm: Tanner Upthegrove

2:54pm: Daniel Eichenbaum

3:07pm: Julius Bucsis

3:14pm: Jacob Schlaerth

3:27pm: Ronald Keith Parks (Tony Steve)

3:40pm: Richard Johnson

3:47pm: Janis Mercer (Tony Steve & Adam Vidiksis)

doors 4:00pm

concert starts 4:30pm

CONCERT 6: Friday 11/11, 7:30pm, Pollard 304

5:20pm: Chris Biggs (SPLICE)

5:41pm: Jeff Herriott

5:54pm: Rodney Waschka II

6:01pm: Nina C. Young

6:14pm: Linda Antas

6:27pm: Mike McFerron

6:34pm: Stephen Hennessey (Michael Morley)

6:47pm: Jason Bolte

doors 7:00pm

concert starts 7:30pm

Friday After-Hours, Eyeclopes: 

6:30pm: General load-in

First half

7:30pm: First half tech

9:00pm: Dave Watkins

9:20pm: Paul Leary

9:40pm: Andy Walters

10:00pm: Julius Bucsis

Second half

10:20pm: Second half tech

10:50pm: University of Tennessee Electroacoustic Ensemble

11:10pm: PhEAD (Ryan Olivier and Andrew Litts)

11:20pm: Null Set

11:40pm: Empathy Box (Maxwell Tfirn)

PAPER 2: Saturday 11/12, 9:30am, HCC Room 328

9:10am: David Morneau

CONCERT 7: Saturday 11/12, 10:30am, HCC Digital Auditorium

9:01am: Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz (Andrea Cheeseman)

9:14am: Mark Phillips (Tony Steve & Adam Vidiksis)

9:27am: Jeffrey Hass

9:34am: Nicole Carroll (Sam Wells) 

9:47am: Steven Kemper (Wayla Chambo)

doors 10:00am

concert starts 10:30am

CONCERT 8: Saturday 11/12, 1:30pm, Pollard 304

11:48am: Chris Arrell

11:55am: Austin O’Rourke

12:08pm: Bradford Blackburn

12:21pm: Joshua Harris (Wayla Chambo)

12:34pm: Madelyn Byrne (Theresa Steward)

12:47pm: David Taddie (Keith Kirchoff)

doors 1:00pm

concert starts 1:30pm

CONCERT 9: Saturday 11/12, 3:00pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

1:20pm: Jay Batzner

1:39pm: Mark Zaki

1:46pm: Travis Garrison

1:51pm: Andrew Hannon (Andrea Cheeseman)

2:04pm: Aurie Hsu (Wayla Chambo)

2:17pm: Ben Broening (Wayla Chambo)

doors 2:30pm

concert starts 3:00pm

CONCERT 10: Saturday 11/12, 4:30pm, Pollard 304

2:41pm: Dave Watkins

2:54pm: Mark Zanter

3:07pm: Weilu Ge (Tony Steve & Adam Vidiksis)

3:20pm: Chin Ting Chan (Theresa Steward)

3:33pm: Jerod Sommerfeldt

3:40pm: Eric Honour

doors 4:00pm

concert starts 4:30pm

PAPER 3: Saturday 11/12, 6:45pm, HCC Room 328

6:25pm: Paul Leary

CONCERT 11: Saturday 11/12, 7:30pm, HCC Digital Auditorium

5:20pm: Mark Snyder

5:47pm: Melika M. Fitzhugh

5:54pm: Brian Sears (Sam Wells)

6:07pm: Jorge Variego

6:14pm: Tim Reed (Margaret Jones)

6:27pm: Mya Payne

6:34pm: John Nichols III (Adam Vidiksis)

6:47pm: Michael James Olson (Tony Steve)

doors 7:00pm

concert starts 7:30pm

Saturday After-Hours, Eyeclopes: 

6:30pm: General load-in

First half

7:30pm: First half tech

9:00pm: Christopher Jette (Michael Morley)

9:10pm: Ricky Graham

9:30pm: l’Artiste ordinaire (Melissa Grey & David Morneau)

9:50pm: Robin Cox

Second half

10:10pm: Second half tech

10:40pm: Bell Monks

11:00pm: BEEP

11:20pm: Anna Weisling and Eric Sheffield

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